Dad’s Perfect Pink Gifts!

Hey Dads, what gift were you planning on getting your daughter this December? How about a tool set? How do you turn a hammer into a gift that even the most feminine woman will love? Color it pink!

We have four suggestions to wrap up and stick underneath the Christmas tree this merry season. These are absolutely perfect for a daughter who has recently moved into a dorm room, her own apartment, or bought a house!

Help her to increase the confidence that she can be self-sufficient in her new home. Of course, she’ll still have to give you a call when she needs help working on her car or if she has a plumbing problem!

12″ Pink Tool Bag & Tool Set

Heavy duty bag that perfectly matches the quality tools inside. This set includes the full array of every tool necessary to do some basic fixing at home. This is the perfect gift for the girl that already knows how to use basic tools and needs a set of her own.

Pink Stubby Tool Set

Perfect for a quick job or a “just in case” set to stow away in the truck of a car for emergencies. These brightly colored chubby tools are so cute, she won’t be able to resist giving them a try.

Pink Cordless Screwdriver Set

If she already has a basic toolset, then this screwdriver will be a perfect addition. Just the right size for most home projects, includes 27 bit sizes, and in a fabulously striking color. Upgrade her handy-woman level with an adjustable screwdriver set.

Pink Ratchet & Socket Set

If you’re buying this as a Christmas gift for a millennial then be prepared for the overuse of the quote “that’s so ratchet!” from the “Selfie” song. Google it if you want to be in on the joke—just be aware that it’s a parody. This ratchet is a perfect addition to a toolkit. With 20 alternate sockets there will be no project that it can’t handle.

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