Pink Guitar: Santa’s Favorite

I still remember the Christmas that I surprised my daughter with her first Pink Guitar. She was 7 and very musical, a dancer and artist so I knew she would love it. You can’t beat those excited screams or the fun of watching them play with their new instrument for hours into the evening. Being 7 I started her with the 38″ pink acoustic beginner guitar. It fit her perfectly but also left room to grow. She still plays it today at 14 and it still fits just right.

Do you have the next Taylor Swift waiting to learn her first few notes? We have several pink guitars that will give Santa a head start this year. Here are 5 favorites that fit perfectly under that Christmas Tree!

1.) 38″ Beginner Acoustic Pink Guitar – A great beginner guitar that is very affordable but also a nice looking instrument. This is a good way to test the water and see if she stays with it.

2.) 38″ Beginner Acoustic Cutaway Guitar – A variation of the best seller. This one has a nice cutaway style to make playing easier. Comes with the same accessories.

3.) Daisy Rock Junior Miss Debutante 3/4 Pink Guitar – A best seller for beginners who want a high quality guitar to start with. This model also comes in a starter pack with accessories.

4.) 41″ Concert Sized Acoustic Pink Guitar – A larger full sized guitar for older girls. Great for teen to adults who want a nice beginner guitar that is also affordable. Comes with accessories.

5.) Daisy Rock Wildwood Short Scale Acoustic Pink Guitar – This is a high end starter guitar with every advantage.

Anyone of these has the potential to be the favorite gift this year. A guitar can bring a lifetime of music, companionship and expression. What better gift to give than one that will last forever both in memory and practice! Merry Christmas…

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