The Gift Of A Pink Guitar

Pink Guitar For GirlsA guitar is much more than a gift, especially for a young person who is new to playing music. A guitar is a lifelong friend and the ability to express yourself through creativity and music. A starter guitar can inspire a lifetime love of creating music and may be the nudge needed to start music lessons.

Whether you have the next Taylor Swift on your list or just a casual player, we have several beautiful instruments available for you this season.

Our best selling guitars for beginners is a 3/4 guitar that is a great size for agest 7 to teen. Long lasting design plays sweet sounds every time. This guitar comes with extra strings, guitar strap, gig bag & tuner.

The additional accessories included help you keep it in tune and give you a bag to carry it in. You can also add on a guitar stand which is a great way to store it in their room. Pink Superstore’s prices are hard to beat. Our beginner guitar is nearly half the price of the cheapest starter guitar at retailers because of our relationship with the manufacturer.

Imagine her amazement Christmas morning when she opens her first beautiful pink guitar. It will be a cherished gift and a long remembered day!

We have several pink guitar models to choose from including the one pictured here!

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