The Pink Multimedia Keyboard Organizer!

Simply put, the Pink Multimedia Keyboard Organizer revolutionizes the way you organize your desk. Not only that, but also how you use your phones, tablets and handhelds while at the office or at home. Most importantly, it adds that amazingly feminine touch to your environment because it’s in hot pink! Their are two models of this amazing keyboard organizer; one is a USB model that can connect to your computer or any other USB enabled device, and a Bluetooth wireless model that allows you to connect with your tablets, smartphones or even handhelds. It doesn’t matter if you’re a PC user or an Apple user because this keyboard is compatible with both. If that wasn’t enough, the keyboard has Apple keys, just in PC format, so best of both worlds.

Ultimately, the keyboard organizer works by providing users with multiple, stylish compartments to store everything from business cards, CDs, those pesky micro SD cards and flash drives you have scattered all over your desk too, and so much more. Just flip the keyboard open to reveal many compartments underneath the high quality, durable main keyboard unit to easily store items and organize your desk. It doesn’t stop there, because this hot pink keyboard organizer also offers you surface based features that enable it to hold multiple pens or stylus pens, as well as business cards in that neat, classy car holder slot on either side of the keyboard.

Pink Keyboard OrganizerThis 18 inch wide hot pink desktop keyboard organizer is not only jam packed with the awesome features already mentioned, but it also doubles as a keyboard for your PDA, smartphone and/or tablet. Right at the top of the keyboard is an area built to accommodate tablet/pda/smartphone usage. Just slip your device in the area securely, connect using the on-board Bluetooth enabled keyboard feature and you’re ready to go.

The Pink Keyboard Desktop Organize from The Pink Superstore helps to brighten up your desktop environment and helps keep it organized at the same time. 

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