The Pink Tool Box

Women of today are fiercely independent without sacrificing an ounce of femininity or style. That’s why the next time you need to find the perfect gift for that special modern lady in your life, be it your mother, sister, best friend, wife, girlfriend, you name it, look no further than the pink tool box.

Pink Tool BoxThe pink tool box can hold the supplies a woman needs most, no matter if those supplies are hammers and nails or makeup brushes and blush. Yes, the pink tool box provides excellent storage for tools but can be useful for sorting, organizing and storing lots of other important things as well. The tool box is made out of durable steal coated in a vibrant pink color with several drawers for organization.

Since the pink tool box is both purposeful and stylish, feel free to use it in any room of the house to hold any number of objects. Here are just some of the ideas we’ve come across for the pink tool box:

  • Tool storage. Of course this had to be number one on the list. A set of pink handled tools is available from the Pink Superstore which you can then store in your pink tool box. The next time you need to nail down a lose floor board or tighten a leaky pipe, you’ll be ready!
  • Makeup box. The drawers make this box perfectly suited for storing makeup brushes, eye shadows and lip gloss. It’s pretty enough to leave sitting out in your bathroom or bedroom.
  • Jewelry box. Get this; this sweet pink box has a lock on it! And who would ever think to look for your grandmother’s silver earrings inside a tool box? Perfect!
  • Doll storage or keepsake drawer for little girls. Since it does lock, it makes a great secret storage area for your daughter or niece to lock up her diary and other prized possessions in. For younger girls it makes a great place to store Barbie dolls and tiny doll sized shoes and clothes!
  • Craft Storage. Best place ever to store tape, glue, markers, yarn, stamps and other creative bits and bobs!

As with all products from The Pink Super Store, we pride ourselves on the highest quality products and best possible customer service. You can purchase from our website with peace of mind, knowing that your information is sacred to us and your satisfaction is guaranteed!

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